Science in the Heart of the Continent Region

2nd HOCP Science Symposium

The Heart of the Continent Partnership invites you to attend/participate in our second science symposium April 8-9 in Duluth Minnesota. Heart of the Continent’s Science Committee is continuing its mission to build and strengthen a coalition of scientists, land managers, and stakeholders dedicated to the preservation of natural and cultural resources across the Heart of the Continent landscape.

2019 HOCP Science Symposium

Evening poster presentations -April 8th, 6pm-9pm – Duluth Folk School – 1917 W. Superior St. Duluth MN

April 9, 8:30-4:30 – Oral Presentations – Kirby Student Center – Kirby Rafters Room University of Minnesota – Duluth MN


1st Science Symposium 2016


1st Heart of the Continent Science Symposium

March 10-11, 2016

Rainy River Community College

To access the symposium program and Dr. Erik A. Beever slides click link below


Dr. Erik Beever – Understanding how ecological disturbance influences biological diversity

Dr. Erik Beever – Conservation Biology

http://HOCP Science Symposium 2016

HOCP Science Symposium – Rainy River Community College 2016  

Science collaboration and exchange of research results has been a core priority of HOCP from the outset. To that end, the science committee (members below) presents a lecture series, a database of current and past research, and offers a voluntary advisory role on approaches to science in the Border Lakes Ecoregion (the “Heart of the Continent” Region).

Core HOCP Science Collaboration Efforts

  1. Past Lecture Schedule
  2. Current Research Projects
  3. Database of Science Research in the Region
  4. Research Priorities

HOCP Science Committee: The science committee (members below) offers a voluntary advisory role on approaches to science in the Border Lakes Eco-region (the “Heart of the Continent” Region). We coordinate the lecture series. We assist with cooperation among two or more partner agencies in applications for research funding and in research dissemination. We meet periodically in person and between times by teleconference. Feel free to contact any of us!

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