Action strategies

Action Strategies

Increase respect for the land

and its people: Develop an

identity for the region as a

whole. Celebrate the region.

Support economic growth and

cultural empowerment.


Collaborate across

boundaries: Facilitate

communication, trust, respect,

understanding and resource

sharing between groups.


Promote scientific research

and its applications: Share

research to inform

decision-makers. Encourage

cooperative scientific activities.

Promote the region as a global

research opportunity.


Build awareness of and

support for public lands:

Expand public perceptions of

this large-scale habitat.

Encourage and foster a land



Share resources to benefit

 public lands and communities:

Facilitate collaboration among

groups to improve public lands

and promote the balancing of

nature and commerce in

communities that neighbour

public lands.

wood fired pizza - North House
Senator Bob Lessard and Quetico Superintendent Trevor Gibb rolling out their pizza dough at North House Folk School – Grand Marais MN
Prince Arthur’s Landing – Thunder Bay Marina
Mission Island
Mission Island – Lakehead Region Conservation Authority


Frank Jewell addresses group at Wilderness Supply Company
Frank Jewell addresses group at Wilderness Supply Company
Joint project Ontario Parks/Superior National Forest in La Verandyre Provincial Park