HOCP Quarterly Meeting, June 25-26 at Fort Frances

HOCP Quarterly Meeting, June 25 – 26, 2015
Sunny Cove Camp, Highway 11, 15 Kilometers east of MN/ON border, Phone number (807) 274-1418
See below for Agenda, What to Bring, Lodging, Meals, Costs, & How to Prepay

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Agenda (all times are CDT)

Wednesday evening, June 24

Guests at Sunny Cove can arrive any time after 8 am and get acquainted with surroundings – no formal events until evening
Pre-meeting Options – Wine and cheese meet and greet at Fort Frances Museum – celebrating 50 years of the Oden Causeway Wed June 24th. 4:30 – 8:30 p.m. with opening remarks at 5 p.m
Wednesday night the Dragon Boat Club will also be at the marina for a Paddle at 6:00 pm if anyone wants to join in.
Return to Sunny Cove Camp – Bring your own evening refreshments and snacks

Thursday, June 25

7:30-8:30am: Breakfast
8:45: Welcome by Jennifer Greenhalgh,  Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce and Ron Archie, Couchiching First Nations
9:00: Steering Committee and Design Team – Phase II update – Invitation to National Geotourism Council – Big picture, where we are and want to be.
10:30:  Break (muffins and coffee)
11:00 -12:00:  Science Team Partnership – how we can benefit from working together using Crown of the Continent’s “Crown Managers’’ forum template. (First meeting open to all in hopes that the new science partnership attains some insight of HOCP and some guidance to get off and running.)
12:00 – 1:00:  Lunch
1:00 – 2:30: Wind up thoughts on Science Team Partnership – possible time for design team to meet and along with other topics, think about incorporating and developing a page for the science forum on the site or a link
2:30 – 3:00: Cold drinks
3:00– 4:30:  Science team meets and possible time for design team to meet and along with other topics, think about incorporating and developing a page for the science forum on the site or a link
6:00 – Dinner
7:30 – Metis Presentation

Friday, June 26

7:30 – 8:30: Breakfast
9:00: Rainy Lake Conservancy;
10-10:15: Coffee Break
10:15- 11:45: Wind up session
12 Noon:  Depart

Optional Friday afternoon activities

Lunch : Light lunch is suggested on route, there will be an early dinner
Kay Nah Chi Wah Nung Historical Centre:

This great opportunity is courtesy of the Rainy River First Nations and has a maximum of 20 – first to sign up

“It will be our pleasure to provide this experience to those participants who have registered with us, at no charge. We want people to see what we have to offer so they will serve as ambassadors to their own clients and community and help us spread the word. We are proud of our facility and cannot wait to show it off.” – Keith Hamilton

1:45 PM:  Convene at Kay Nah Chi Wah Nung visitor centre where we can check off registered attendees and place people into groups for the tours. We have electric carts so we can accommodate people of all abilities.
2:00 – 3:15:  Fully guided tour of the Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung historic centre external trail system, including the various burial mounds and other historically and culturally significant areas.
3:15 – 4:30: Fully guided tour of the museum complex and interpretive centre.
4:30: Buffet dinner at the Hungry Hall Restaurant on site.

Visit Kay Nah Chi Wah Nung Mounds – http://manitoumounds.com/
Friday accommodations are up to those that want to stay. Options can be found on www.traveltheheart.org or visit http://fortfranceschamber.com/directory

Optional Activities Saturday, June 27

Dragon Boating Option
· $35 CAD per paddler, if there aren’t enough interested in a team we can backfill a team for them.
· 16 people per team – steersman and all equipment including life jackets provided
· All teams are guaranteed to run a minimum of 2 races.
· It takes place on Saturday, June 27th 10:00 am to 4:30 pm at the Sorting Gap Marina on the Fort Frances water front.
· Teams will gather and we will be piped in by the Highlanders in a procession before we do the dotting of the eye ceremony.
· See www.boundarywatersdragonboat.com for more details and pictures.
Organization can arrange to have an evening paddle in the boats on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday as the teams will be receiving instruction and practicing those nights anyway. We have two boats and two steersmen.

Lodging is at Sunny Cove – $55.00 Cdn /night when you arrive
Lodging is bunkhouse style, we are encouraging people to come and stay on site to promote informal conversations and networking and to help pay facility costs. No cost for sessions.

• Sleeping Bag and Pillow
• Towels and Facecloth
• Personal Hygiene Items