HOCP May 2-3 Meeting

HOCP Quarterly Meeting in Thunder Bay, May 2 & 3, 2013
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Agenda Summary:

Many of us are gathering informally in advance for Thursday noon lunch at the Bight Restaurant (located in the Baggage Building.) Please join us. Then Thursday 1:00 PM EDT we’ll convene.

The afternoon general session will include presentations from local leaders. As always, we put a premium on dialogue, and presenters who can give us new insights and questions to discuss together. We’ll also continue planning for our National Geographic Geotourism Initiative, and gathering key input from those present.

Thursday evening we’ll have a presentation of a more “general public” interest, as we continue to work to bring new people in an understanding of HOCP and what we’re up to.

We’ll conclude Friday morning with planning breakout sessions, as well as conducting some brief HOCP steering committee business. Throughout will be lots of time for us to connect in conversation. We’ll adjourn by 1:00 PM EDT Friday. An agenda with featured topics and speakers will follow soon.