Destination Voyageurs National Park Team

Team name

Destination Voyageurs National Park

Project name

Develop a Marketing Plan for DVNP by December 2012


Minnesota Communities Neighboring Voyageurs National Park

Team members

  • Rob Ecklund, Koochiching County Board, Commissioner
  • Butch Eggen, Crane Lake Township, Supervisor
  • Jennifer Gelo, Sandy Point Lodge
  • Eric Johnson, International Dental Arts
  • Kathleen Przybylski, Voyageurs National Park, Management Asst/administrative officer
  • Jody Tableporter, Voyageurs National Park Association, Executive Director
  • Betsey Warrington, Arrowhead Lodge and Resort, Owner
  • Deb Weiber, Ash Trail Lodge

Other local participants

Project details

Develop Marketing Plan

will develop the DVNP Marketing Plan using past resources (i.e. Think Tank, Strategic Plan) by December 2012. Ensure all gateway communities are informed about DVNP’s intention to develop a marketing plan and know about current DVNP marketing efforts. Explore current marketing efforts within the region. Secure resources to assist with marketing plan.

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