HOCP Seeks Part-Time Coordinator

We are requesting proposals and/or applications for filling our open, part-time position of HOCP Coordinator.

HOCP strives to build relationships between people, communities and sectors and connect them to our public lands across the northern Minnesota/Ontario region. Along with our work to develop a common identity and sense of belonging is the desire to sustain the communities that surround these public lands.

In the past few years we have inspired small communities to dream big and get things done for their citizens, made it easier for federal agencies to work across national borders and attracted global attention to the outstanding beauty and unique cultures of the region.

This coming spring, in collaboration with thousands of area residents, businesses, agencies and municipalities, HOCP and the National Geographic Society are launching the region as a global Geotourism destination. Our activities will grow more complex. Among our steering committee’s future plans is to increase volunteer engagement in the region.

We are seeking a coordinator to work part time (8-12 hours/week; please note times are very flexible and could vary widely.) to help us do things like:

  • Support & coordinate the steering committee
  • Assist in planning quarterly meetings
  • Grow our outreach and communication
  • Support leaders of the Geotourism and Volunteer Initiatives
  • Help complete other duties as needed
  • Coordinate volunteers

Some of the qualifications we are looking for include:

  • Understanding of group process, consensus and delegation
  • A genuine interest in all sorts of people
  • A real ability to work alone and in dynamic groups
  • Solid communication skills in writing and interpersonal activities

We are accepting applications from individuals, as well as creative proposals from partner organizations for filling this position. Click here to see a complete position description.

Individuals: If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter, CV/resume and compensation expectations.

Organizations: HOCP Partner organizations may also submit basic proposals on how they could provide resources to assist in coordinating HOCP activities. Include in such a proposal additional ideas to sustain this Partnership.

Submit applications or proposals to the address below by December 19th. Please circulate this opportunity to others.

Thank you.

Paul Danicic (HOCP Steering Committee and Transition Team Member)
c/o Friends of the BWCA
[email protected]
401 N Third St Suite 290
Minneapolis MN 55426